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Your health plan does not provide rides for substance use disorder or community mental health services or dental appointments. MDHHS cannot process payments, so do not send money to your MDHHS specialist or any MDHHS office. Are there any exceptions to the premium requirement?

If you need help with a ride to these kinds of appointments, who you call depends on where you live. Yes, and the rules about who owes a premium are changing for some people.

If you get your dental care through Delta Dental now, you should be able to keep your same dentist.

Who do I tell about changes that affect my coverage?

Starting on January 1, 2016, you will report changes in your household, income or other information to your MDHHS specialist instead of MIChild.

If you get these services from the Community Mental Health Service Provider or Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan in your area already, they will contact you in the next few weeks about how to work with your provider(s) during this transition. You will be told at a later time if you have to make changes to your health plan or if you will keep your same health plan.

Substance use disorder services will still be provided by the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans after January 1, 2016. If your current health plan won’t be available after the transition, you may temporarily have “Fee-for- Service” MIChild while you choose a new plan.

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